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Corporate Social Responsibility

Kiliflora is totally committed to the welfare of its workers and the society in general.

It aims to improve the living conditions of its workers and provides community facilities by creating a suitable environment even outside the farm premises.



Kiliflora provides its staff with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. We also ensure that these are used in the correct way by training staff in their use. Strict control ensures that personnel safety is not endangered under any circumstances. Uniforms and dust coats are provided to all employees. Regular Risk Assessment is done in the company and identified issues are addressed by the Environment Health and Safety committee. Fire Extinguishers are placed at several locations and a trained fire fighting team is available in the farms. Dangerous and risky areas in the farms are appropriately labeled.


FIRST AID: In both farms there is a team of trained First Aiders. Complete first aid boxes are placed at several locations around the farms.

DISPENSARY: Both the farms Loliondo and Nduruma have Dispensaries staffed by a qualified company Doctor and health professionals. These dispensaries are equipped to deal with work related emergencies. All workers are provided with free medical care.


Kiliflora provides nutritious food free of cost to all our employees.

A balanced menu is followed to ensure that adequate nutrition is provided. Food is cooked under hygienic conditions. Vegetable gardens are maintained in both our farms for use by the employees. Tv and video facility are also provided in the canteen so that workers can watch educational videos along with recreational programmes during lunch hours.

Environment Issues:


Recycle Reservoirs:

We recycle water through recycle reservoirs. Water drained from fertigating substrate green houses is collected in a reservoir and used for irrigating soil houses.


Wet Land Schemes:

Wet land schemes are a natural way of treating wastewater and making it fit for returning it into the water bodies. All waste water goes to the wet lands where it gets purified by natural means as it passes through a series of ponds and filtering systems through carefully selected native plants which filter out impurities.

Tree Plantation and Nursery:

Kiliflora has taken the initiative for tree plantation by creating a demonstration plot for the villagers, teaching them how to plant and take care of the trees and the benefits of tree plantation.

It has also set up a plant nursery comprising of indigenous plants with the help of Max Havelaar scheme. It has distributed hundreds of thousands of plants to villagers, community and government bodies free of charge.

Chemicals and Pesticides:

Kiliflora is using environment friendly organic fertilizers and biological pesticides wherever possible.

Biological products are being introduced and used effectively in the growing process, including the use of natural efficient predator as part of the integrated pest management system.


Waste Disposal:

Waste is disposed of in a environment friendly manner. More importance is given on recycling.